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Testimonials from around the world


Fast and reliable as always.   Thank you once again.  - Thomas (Germany)

"You are the best. That's why I only keep coming back to you with my corporate requirements! Thanks!" - Arnold A. (Georgia)

"Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. fyi, I was referred to you by Rick B___., who has used your service previously." - Jeff S. (Texas)

"Thank you for your quick response.  It is a pleasure to do business with you.  Thank you. "  - Sonia F. (Canada).

"Perfect as always. A lot of folks are coming in to you now sent by my CEO." - Rolf V. (Italy)

"For incorporating in USA, I recommend you go to you. This is the firm that helped me. Their service is fast, low price and very good quality."- Jaka S.  (Slovenia)

"I checked 15 services and yours was the best Commerce" - Michael A. (California)

"Your rates are the best." - Gary G. (Florida)

"Thank you. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I will highly recommend your company. Your expertise and your  pleasant demeanor were exceptional."  - Susan (New York City)

"It is becoming my pleasure to work with you as you are so efficient. Just for your interest, some months ago I contacted other firms about registering companies in the US.  Three never responded to my emails.  The two that did made it too complicated." - Tony E. (Indonesia)

"Thanks so much for delivering superb service - very much appreciated!  I look forward to a long association with you" - John W. (South Africa)

"I am very happy about your excellent incorporation service and will recommend to all my friends." - Dr. A. - (Bangalore, India)

"You are really great! Thank you for your immediate response."  - Dr. D., (Greece)

"Let me know if you ever need a customer testimonial." - Nick, (Texas)

"You’re the first company to answer my question in such detail… and that has given me great confidence in dealing with you!" - Yeo (Singapore)

"Thanks.   I truly appreciate all your help and have and will keep recommending your great services.  Thanks again."  - Eduardo (Florida)

"I have researched at least 25 sites...That is an amazing price." - Katrina R.

"I thank you for your fine work and attention."  - Bruce B. (Beverly Hills, CA)

"Thank you for your help, we got the documents and we would thank you again for your kindness." - Khalid A. (Jordan)

"You provide a lot of service for your reasonable fee. Thank you very much." - David R. (California)

"I Thank you for your timely responses...I will be certain to refer you business in the future."- Marc C. (California)

"We have received the documents and I wish to thank you for your efficient service.  Thanks again." - Ram R. (Canada)

"Your information was very clear and I've just placed an order to incorporate."  - Arjan (United Kingdom)

"Cool. Thanks again, look forward to doing business in the future."  -Jim B. (Virginia)

"You are very responsive and I will use you again…maybe very soon." - Bob B. (North Carolina

"Thank you for your time and such a superb service. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know." - Sherzod T. (Brooklyn, NY)

"I've used 3 or 4 incorporation agents over the past few years, and you are the best by far." - John W.  (South Africa)

"Thanks again for your excellent service.  I  will certainly recommend you others." - Urooj H. (United Kingdom) 

"Thanks for the prompt, professional service.  I've already recommended you to some friends.  I will be back in touch for other services as we need them." - Tom M. (China)

"Thank you for your kind information and EXCELLENT service!  I will warmly recommend your company." -  Krzysztof D.  (Poland)

"Je viens de recevoir le colis, et je suis vraiment tres surpris par la qualité et le serieux de la présentation."  - (Stevan B.- France)

"Thanks for your speed and efficiency."  - (Peter - Switzerland)

"I must say it is truly a nice experience dealing with your company. Every time I have had a question or concern you have answered in a very timely manner." - John (NY)

"You're the best." - Angela (Brooklyn, NY)

"Your company offers exceptional service, fast turn-around, and competitive pricing. After researching more than a dozen companies, it was obvious you company was the best choice for incorporating my biotechnology company." - Leayah, (California)

"I like your service.  I'll tell my friends" - Kenneth C. (Texas)